Biden’s “Great” Infrastructure Plan


It’s almost humorous how badly Democrats drop the ball when they attempt to do anything. The Liberal state of California is ripe with examples of how leftist policies never work and only backfire. Still, Dems never seem to learn from their mistakes.

So, Liberals are eating it up after Joe Biden released a $1.3 trillion infrastructure policy to implement if he wins in 2020. According to his policy director, Stef Feldman, the policy includes the following:

While improving America’s infrastructure is a good plan, the devil is in the details.

For one, as we saw in California, high-speed rail projects are simply too expensive and get run into the ground due to gross mismanagement.

Additionally, Biden wants to make his policy “green” and “eco-friendly.” Sadly for him, green energy doesn’t account for nearly enough power to actually enact his plan. Democrats like Biden may never understand the irony of implementing policies that need to run on much more renewable energy than is even available.

America keeps going back to fossil fuel because it just works.

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