Biden’s First Year Was Plagued With These 4 Things That Went Wrong

Biden's First Year Was Plagued With These 4 Things That Went Wrong

( – Next month, President Biden will be celebrating one year in office – although “celebrating” might not be the right word. By any measure, it’s been a disastrous 11 months sp far, with crime surging, our foreign policy in chaos, the economy stumbling and Biden’s poll numbers in freefall. What went wrong?

1 – Foreign Policy Went Adrift

Biden doesn’t understand foreign policy and isn’t good at it.

  • He annoyed Britain by getting involved in Northern Ireland.
  • He dropped sanctions against Russia’s energy warfare in Europe.
  • He wasted time trying to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal he negotiated as Obama’s vice president.
  • Most significantly, he lost control of Afghanistan, ordering a withdrawal without coordinating it with our allies or the Afghan security forces.

His other mistakes didn’t attract much attention, but the chaos in Kabul was front-page news – and it looked terrible.

2 – Domestic Policy Was Unrealistic

Biden was elected because, right or wrong, people saw him as a safe pair of hands. Instead, he tried to transform America through massive spending programs and expanded handouts. The trouble is, he didn’t check whether he had the congressional support for it all. It turns out he doesn’t. Now, Left-wing Democrats are claiming Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) refusal to back the Build Back Better bill is a crisis for American democracy. It isn’t. It’s American democracy working exactly like it’s supposed to. If more senators oppose a bill than support it, it doesn’t pass.

3 – Crime Scares People

The US already had the highest homicide rate of any advanced country, but it’s higher than ever under Biden. At least 12 major cities documented record-high numbers of murders by early December – with a month left for them to rise further. Biden doesn’t support defunding the police, but he hasn’t reined in the Democrat radicals who do – and his failure to secure the Mexican border isn’t helping.

4 – Biden Is Unimpressive

Biden managed to hide in his basement for most of last year’s campaign, but since taking office, it’s become painfully obvious he’s long past his prime. He’s avoided the press more than any other modern president, rambles during speeches and sometimes his behavior is frankly just bizarre.

It’s telling that 39% of the people who voted for him last year don’t want him to run again, according to recent polling. When Biden looks back on his first year in office, will he decide they were right?

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