Biden’s Faulty Risk Assessment

Biden's Faulty Risk Assessment

( – Joe Biden’s new campaign ad is certainly making waves. The ad’s blatant misstatement of the facts is downright frightening as it claims President Trump is putting America at risk.

Sure, Trump is the real threat — even though he’s brought us soaring GDP numbers and record-low unemployment rates!

While the ad is fairly standard in content and delivery, it’s garnered the attention of everyone from the MSM to avid social media users. Biden believes that he’s the safest bet for America’s future. This is a laughably easy claim to debunk given his track record under the Obama administration.

Not only is Biden’s ad receiving smack from Republicans, but plenty of leftists are also attacking the former VP for not being “progressive” enough.

Socialists will never be happy, even if they were to get everything they advocate for. Even with all of the “free” stuff in the world, they’ll cry until they get more. If there’s one redeeming factor about Biden, it’s that he stands in the way of their plans.

But that doesn’t mean that Biden is the safest pick for America by any stretch of the imagination.

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