Biden’s Energy Secretary Hints a Significant Move Is Coming

Biden's Energy Secretary Hints a Significant Move Is Coming

Biden’s Energy Secretary Hints A “Massive Move” Is Coming

( – High gas prices are piling the pressure on ordinary Americans and crippling the economy. So far, the Biden administration seems powerless to do anything about it. Now, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says President Joe Biden has several tools he could use to make gas cheaper. The question is — will he?

At a June 22 White House press briefing, Granholm revealed that Biden has considered using the 1950 Defense Production Act to ease the pressure on gas prices. The Act, brought in at the start of the Korean War, gives the president wide-ranging powers to take control of the economy, allocate resources, and force businesses to prioritize government contracts. If Biden uses these powers, it will basically turn the US into a socialist planned economy.

Granholm added that “no president alone” can make gas cheaper, but said Biden has a range of options to help Americans out. One tool the president has already tried to use is a gas tax holiday; he’s asked Congress to suspend the federal gasoline tax, which is currently 18.4 cents a gallon, for three months. However, this is facing opposition from officials who fear it could derail Biden’s massive spending plans.

According to Granholm, prices should fall slightly in the third quarter of the year — but a gallon of gas will still cost an average of $4.27, and of course, that could be thrown off by a whole range of events, such as an EU ban on Russian oil. Despite Granholm’s words, there’s no end in sight to this pain.

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