Biden’s DOJ Lightens Sentence For BOMBING TERRORIST

Terrorist Gets Mere 15-Month Sentence Thanks To Biden's DOJ

Terrorist Gets Mere 15-Month Sentence Thanks to Biden’s DOJ

( – In the days after George Floyd’s death, protesters took to the streets across the country. In New York City, Urooj Rahman was among them, but instead of peacefully expressing her opinion, she committed an act of terror against law enforcement. More than two years later, she has finally received a sentence, but it’s rather light, thanks to a deal from the Department of Justice.

On November 18, Brooklyn federal Judge Brian Cogan sentenced Raham, an attorney, to 15 months in prison for firebombing a police car in 2020. The sentence came after she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson in exchange for a plea deal offered by President Joe Biden’s DOJ. After negotiations, prosecutors agreed to drop their previous terrorism-enhancement charge and recommend no more than two years in prison.

Judge Cogan issued a scathing rebuke of the defendant before the sentencing. He slammed her for throwing a Molotov cocktail at the NYPD car, calling it an “attack on the rule of law.” He found it especially egregious that she’s an attorney who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The judge accused her of demonstrating an “amazing level of arrogance.”

Former President Donald Trump’s DOJ originally charged the lawyer with the use of explosives to commit a felony, use of explosives, civil disorder, use of a destructive device, and possessing or making a bomb.

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