Biden’s “Diversity” Budget Isn’t Random, It’s Orchestrated


( – Congress is working on the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets the DoD’s budget for the next year. As well as paying soldiers and buying weapon systems, the bill also includes funding for defense-related research in universities. This year the Biden Administration is using that funding to push its diversity agenda.

Every year the DoD awards money to universities across the US to finance research into technology that could have military uses. In 2020, this totaled $50 million; in 2021, $46 million. In the fiscal year 2022 budget, it expanded dramatically to $195 million. The 2023 NDAA adds an extra $131.7 million — but instead of focusing on what our military actually needs, it’s being allocated in line with “social justice values.”

Section 222 of the NDAA deals with “Outreach to historically Black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions.” This increase in spending is the end result of a 2022 report that claimed colleges that mainly take in minority students are a “valuable resource” and can make “strong and uniquely important contributions” to defense research. That’s probably true — but is diverting money to fund minority colleges and promote social justice really what the defense budget is for? Republican lawmakers are already worried about the steady spread of woke dogma in the US military, and this sort of funding isn’t going to ease their concerns.

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