Biden’s COVID Policy: Reward vs. Punishment

Biden's COVID Policy: Reward vs. Punishment

( – For nearly two years, Joe Biden’s leadership problem was much greater than his leadership capacity. That truth is starting to breach through the noise of media distractions. Throughout the 2020 Democratic primary, the Left didn’t focus on the candidate it believed shared its agenda policies. It ultimately championed the one it thought could defeat Donald Trump at all costs. The political calculations became evident when the party got behind the man who claimed to be a moderate but eventually sold himself out to the Left.

Democrats are still not enthused by Joe Biden. However, in a hyper-partisan world, they support the party. The president likes to remind people that he is the Democratic Party. However, people don’t follow worthy causes or visions; they follow people. Now, the nation is questioning if the person is worth the cause. Biden is an uninspiring president who uses the power of the office in a reward vs. punishment mentality. If one thought Biden’s presidency was in trouble before the employer vaccine mandate announcement, it’s even worse now.

Has Biden Given the Public a Reason to Buy Into Him?

During the 2020 campaign, Biden ran on being the nice guy that everyone could trust. Since January 20, he’s done little to live up to the moniker he created for himself. Instead, the president approaches COVID-19 with a nuclear bomb instead of a rational approach that America could embrace.

The problem for Biden is that he is the message, and half of Americans aren’t embracing what he has to say. On the one hand, the president asks us to trust the science. On the other hand, he asks us to trust the tyrant. Why call him a tyrant? Because he’s one of the most lawless presidents in US history, his ability to communicate without insulting people is non-existent, and he’s a walking contradiction.

The president told Americans that there would be no vaccine passports. Yet, the president tried an end-around the Constitution to force businesses to create an unofficial vaccine passport system. When that didn’t work, Biden reversed course, doubled down on his war against the vaccine, and decided to use workplace safety as the scapegoat.

Now, the commander in chief is requiring federal government employees to get jabbed without excuse or exemption. He’s going to use the small Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to force businesses under 100 employees to make their 80 million unvaccinated workers get shots or undergo weekly testings, at their own expense, or face a $14,000 fine per incident.

Reward vs. Punishment

What Biden’s unleashing is a reward vs. punishment system. At the heart of it all is the power of the federal government to execute a manipulative plan. When Biden tells Americans that his “patience is wearing thin” with them, did he expect people to just fall in line?

The truth is that there isn’t a reward to get vaccinated for many people. Here’s the truth of the matter — there shouldn’t be a reward or punishment. According to the government, if one’s vaccinated, there is little to fear from the unvaccinated. So, what’s the problem if one chooses to remain unvaccinated? Why is Biden trying to protect the vaccinated from those who aren’t? Outside of stirring political divisions for political gain, there isn’t a point to his madness.

Biden is taking an already deeply divided America and alienating people even more from their government. America needs to trust its government. That doesn’t happen through manipulation, lies, and misinformation from the man at the top.

Democrats hope Biden’s low approval ratings improve as he tries to move on from his foreign affairs and military blunder. However, America doesn’t believe in the president or his vision for the future. The next three years could be a difficult time for America who desperately needs leadership, not an authoritarian.

People don’t follow a vision. They follow a man with a vision worth pursuing.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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