Biden Wouldn’t Get Basic CIA Security Clearance, Report States

( – The process of getting a federal security clearance is not easy. It requires an extensive background check and often an intense lie detection test known as a polygraph, where a trained researcher and machine read body cues to see if someone is telling the truth. Experts in the federal government have recently shared how they do not believe President Joe Biden would be able to get even a basic security clearance if he was not elected to his current position. Here’s what they had to say.

Former CIA Analyst Provides Insight Into Security Clearances

National Security Council Chief of Staff and former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz told news outlet Just the News, “If Joe Biden was applying for a job in the CIA, he wouldn’t get a clearance given all these ethical conflicts and payments from China.” This statement is referring to Biden and his family’s extensive communication and business partnerships with China, including reported attempts to pressure major energy companies from East Asia to send money to the Bidens. However, China isn’t the only issue.

A former FBI agent has alleged that the presidential family was involved in a bribery scheme in Ukraine. This is all on top of the well-known claims that the administration tried to make claims about Russian disinformation during the 2016 election to sway it in their favor. Any one of these situations could be seen by a background investigator as being influenced by or answering to a foreign government, both things not allowed for those holding security clearances with the US federal government.

Retired FBI Assistant Director Wouldn’t Give Biden a Clearance

Retired FBI Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock also told Just the News that the closest President Biden could get to joining the FBI would be his “aviator sunglasses.” He specifically pointed out that the polygraph test would detect “any compromising entanglements with a hostile foreign power,” something the Biden family seems to have a lot of.

In addition, the sitting president’s mishandling of sensitive documents, such as the classified ones found at his Delaware home or an office in Washington, DC, shows a lack of discretion that would count against him when trying to apply for a security clearance.

However, these are only the allegations that the public knows about. A thorough background investigator and lie detector test could reveal even more about the commander-in-chief’s personal and professional life outside of the White House. Given all of this, as well as the recent breaches in national security, it’s not surprising these two experts don’t think Biden could secure even a basic security clearance these days.

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