Biden Wins By Default

Biden Wins By Default

( – Socialist antique Bernie Sanders unexpectedly dropped out of the race for the Democrat presidential nomination Wednesday, leaving Joe Biden as the default winner. The news comes as a crushing disappointment to Sanders’ fan base and a huge relief to anyone with a taxable income, but what does it mean for November’s election?


Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) finally gave up his run at the White House on Wednesday, leaving the field clear for rival Joe Biden.

  • Following increasing criticism that his ongoing campaign was distracting attention from the ultimate contest between Biden and President Trump in November, Sanders finally gave in to the inevitable Wednesday morning.
  • In a conference call to his campaign staff, Sanders delivered the news that he was suspending his campaign. He then live-streamed a message to his supporters confirming that he was dropping out of the race.
  • Sanders admitted in the live stream that, with Biden now leading by over 300 convention delegates, “the path toward victory is virtually impossible.” However, he claimed that “our movement has won the ideological struggle.”
  • This ends any realistic chance of Bernie ever becoming president. In 2024, he’ll be 82, too old to run again.
  • With Sanders out, it’s now nearly certain former Vice President Biden will be the Democrat candidate in November. On the face of it, that’s good news for the Left – the relatively moderate Biden has much more appeal to the crucial swing voters the Dems need to win over than the radical Sanders.
  • However, it isn’t necessarily all good news. Biden has made a series of well-publicized gaffes throughout the campaign so far. He often appears confused and even insults his constituents. Voters are likely to compare him unfavorably to the alert and vigorous president.
  • There’s also the question of how Bernie’s supporters will react. They tend to be radical and want change – and there’s evidence that a significant number don’t care too much what kind of change they get.
  • Analysis from 2016 shows less than 80% of those who voted for Sanders in the primaries went on to vote for Clinton at the election. Interestingly, 12% of them actually voted for President Trump.

It’s likely that many diehard Bernie fans will be disgusted after the announcement, feeling that yet again the party has rejected their candidate in favor of one belonging to the establishment. How many will either sit out the election or seek payback by voting for Trump instead?

It’s hard to say right now, but analysts say enough of them did so in 2016 to swing the election.

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