Biden Whistleblower Now Faces Prosecution

( – When a whistleblower steps forward with insight into a tricky situation, they are likely putting their job or reputation at risk by sharing insider information. It is precisely this that makes people sometimes refer to them as brave. While many people saw the actions of Gal Luft, the whistleblower whose words started the financial investigation into President Joe Biden and his family, as brave, the Department of Justice has now indicted him on numerous counts that could put him behind bars for up to a century.

Who Is Gal Luft?

Gal Luft served as an advisor to President-elect Donald Trump and as the co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a Maryland-based think tank. He is a dual-citizen of both the US and Israel and calls himself the “patient zero of the Biden family investigation” according to the New York Post. House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) had been working with Luft while looking into the Biden family’s business dealings.

However, on February 17, authorities arrested Luft in Cyprus for numerous alleged crimes. After being released on bail, he ran and his whereabouts are now unknown.

DOJ Details Charges Against Luft

On Monday, July 11, the DOJ announced that it believes Luft “engaged in multiple, serious criminal schemes” including promoting Chinese interests without registering as a foreign agent, attempting to broker arms and oil deals between Iran, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, and China. He also allegedly made many false statements to law enforcement when questioned about these situations. If convicted on all counts, he could be in prison for 100 years.

The fact that a Biden family whistleblower is now being charged with a slew of crimes is unprecedented, although both sets of allegations, those brought forth by Luft and the ones from the DOJ, are quite serious. The FBI is asking for anyone with tips on Luft’s whereabouts to share what they know.

Luft Shares Video While On the Run

On Wednesday, July 5, the New York Post shared a video Luft sent them describing his now years-long ordeal that began in March 2019 when he told the government what he supposedly knew about the Biden family relationship with energy company CEFC during a secret meeting at the US embassy in Brussels. In the video, he emphasizes he has “no political motive or agenda” but simply wanted the government to have time to look into the allegations before Biden made a bid for the presidency. For now, Americans must just sit back and watch this unfold as investigators and defendants uncover the truth about all aspects of these allegations.

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