Biden Wants to Get Stricter With Building Restrictions

Biden Wants to Get Stricter With Building Restrictions

Biden Orders CRACKDOWN On New Buildings

( – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) effectively killed President Joe Biden’s $2-trillion social infrastructure bill in December 2021. The so-called Build Back Better plan quickly fell by the wayside as inflation soared out of control, migrants flooded across the border, and Russia invaded Ukraine. However, Biden recently returned his attention to some of the portions of the measure dealing with climate change. But this time, he wants to stiff the private sector with the bill.

On June 1, the White House issued a press release announcing the Biden-Harris Administration’s launch of an initiative to update building codes. In theory, modernization will improve climate resilience and reduce the overall costs of heating and cooling structures.

The initiative allocates the distribution of money from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R.3684) to several federal agencies to implement new building codes and standards. It also requires all federally-supported building and housing projects to conform to the new standards and report to the National Climate Task Force on their progress towards compliance.

The consumers will ultimately bear the brunt of increased material and labor costs of compliance that come with more rigid building codes and standards. Additionally, the new requirements will increase the time it takes to construct buildings and housing units.

Do you think the country needs new building codes, or is this initiative another example of big government getting in the way of progress?

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