Biden Walks Away From Responsibility of His Own Acts

Biden Walks Away From Responsibility of His Own Acts

( – President Harry S. Truman famously had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that said “The Buck Stops Here,” because it was his belief that as president of the United States (POTUS), it was his responsibility to deal with things and not simply try and “pass the buck.” President Joe Biden, on the other hand, seems more than willing to use his fingers to point anywhere else but at himself, and after more than two years in office, one would think he would stop blaming his predecessor, President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, one would be wrong in that assumption.

No-Fault Statesman

According to the United States Constitution, Congress controls the purse strings of the government. That’s done by passing laws that involve negotiating with the executive branch to avoid POTUS simply vetoing the measure. So, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives passed the Limit, Save, Grow Act which represents its plan and ideas for a revised budget.

While Biden was in Hiroshima, Japan, for a series of meetings with the G-7 nations, he held a press conference and made it clear that the buck stops somewhere else, anywhere else, other than upon the shoulders of one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. The very first thing he told the gathered reporters was, “I’ve done my part,” and said it’s up to the Republicans “to move their team positions because [their proposals are] simply, quite frankly, unacceptable.”

Biden then did what Liberals have done since January 21, 2017, he accused the people in Congress who generally align themselves with Trump’s policies of intentionally using the threat of America defaulting on its debts to remove him from office. As he closed out his remarks, he claimed MAGA Republicans “know the damage that it could do to the economy [and] that’s the one way to make sure Biden is not reelected.”

Biden may be feeling a bit defensive because the Republican’s proposal, as it was explained in an April 26 press release posted to the Ways and Means Committee website, intends to reign in Biden’s “wasteful spending that has fueled the inflation crisis….”

Another part of the GOP plan is to reclaim the estimated $50-$70 billion in money approved by the then-Democrat-controlled House earmarked for pandemic relief that has yet to be spent.

The Republicans are also concerned about how much of the “Democrats’ latest green subsidy scheme” will be flowing into the coffers of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), according to a handout published by Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO).

He claims that several Chinese corporations that would be beneficiaries of tens of millions of dollars in Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tax credit have been accused of using forced labor. He also referenced an analysis released by the Coalition for a Prosperous America, which claims that “Chinese manufacturers could earn up to $125 billion in US renewable energy tax credits,” which the Congressman says is “more than half of what China plans to spend on its military this year.”

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