Biden Visits Buffalo Mass Killing Site but Never Went to Waukesha Parade Site

Biden Visits Buffalo Mass Killing Site but Never Went to Waukesha Parade Site

Look What Biden Just SKIPPED – His Most Disgraceful Act Yet

( – US Presidents serve as the head of government, chief executive, and commander-in-chief. They also serve as the nation’s top citizens, providing moral leadership. However, critics of President Joe Biden are speaking out after he decided to visit the site of the recent Buffalo shooting after failing to visit the scene of last year’s Waukesha Christmas Parade attack.

On Tuesday, May 17, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Buffalo, New York, to honor the victims of the Saturday shooting at a Tops Supermarket that claimed the lives of 10 people. The president offered the expected words of condolence and promised that “hate will not prevail.”

Biden also mentioned previous mass shootings in other American cities like Charleston, Charlottesville, and El Paso. Conspicuously absent was any mention of last year’s massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin. There, Darrell Brooks, a black man, allegedly killed six people and injured 62 others, who were mostly white. He didn’t use a gun, plowing them over with a car at the city’s annual Christmas parade instead.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh posted a scathing tweet pointing out that Biden took the time to visit Buffalo days after the shooting. However, “when a black supremacist” committed murder, the president refused to meet with the victims’ families.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) echoed that sentiment in a statement sent to the Daily Mail. He pointed out that when “Brooks murdered six innocent people,” Biden lacked the “assets” and “resources” to visit with victims’ families. However, administration officials could muster up the necessary resources within hours to plan the president’s Tuesday visit to Buffalo.

What do you think about the disparity in Biden’s response to the incidents?

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