Biden Uses the Word “Equity” 63 Times in Budget Proposal

Biden Uses the Word

( – President Joe Biden released his budget proposal for the fiscal year 2024. Fox News did a quick analysis of the prevalence of some of the keywords included in the White House’s plan. The usage of one word, in particular, sparked immediate controversy — “equity” — which appeared in the document a whopping 63 times.

Lefty Liberals recently started promoting the concept of equity, demonstrating a marked difference in ideology over their decades-long embrace of equality. Understanding the shift requires a quick look at the difference between the two terms.

Equality means treating everyone the same — providing support and opportunity regardless of need or differences between individuals or groups based on shared traits like race, gender, and gender orientation. On the other hand, equity means providing opportunities to individuals and classes of people based on their unique needs.

A popular Leftist website promoting racial equity and social justice sugarcoated the terms by saying equality means giving everyone in America a pair of shoes. Equity means giving them footwear that fits.

On its face, the distinction seems logical enough. However, as many conservative voices point out, the term equity can act as a dog whistle, a coded language used to send a message to a particular group[s].

In this instance, conservative politicians point out that Liberals use this term to signal a shift toward creating parity, or balance, in places like the job market and within social structures. In other words, when Liberals use the term “equity,” they’re actually conveying to their base their intention to create equal opportunity and placement for groups like the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and other social sets of individuals they claim aren’t getting a fair shake.

Additionally, Conservatives note at a basic level, the pursuit of equity creates focus on individual groups within society to the exclusion of others — a position that runs contrary to the Founders’ vision that America is a nation wherein “all [individuals] are created equal.”

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