Biden Used Misleading Claims of Conclusive Evidence To Sway Americans on Gun Crime

Biden Used Misleading Claims of Conclusive

Biden Used Misleading “EVIDENCE” – Investigators Catch His Latest Scheme

( – Over the last 18 months, President Joe Biden has become one of the greatest dividers in chiefs despite promising to unite the country. He has repeatedly misinformed the public on numerous topics ranging from election integrity to inflation. As the president now pushes gun control legislation, he faces a very different political environment than the one he experienced as a senator in the 1990s. Yet, he appears to fail to recognize that reality.

When talking about the 1990s assault weapon ban that was championed by Biden the senator, Biden the president recently stated that after the legislation was signed into law, mass shootings declined. Additionally, after it expired 10 years later, he alleged that mass shootings tripled. Is this true, or is it more misinformation by the president?

Is Biden Using Misleading Claims to Sway Americans on Gun Control Measures?

Biden has championed assault weapon bans for much of his political career. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the federal assault ban that then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) helped get through Congress. The law prohibited the sale of semi-automatic guns that it classified as assault weapons. In 2004, the law expired.

As Biden tries to resurrect a ban on assault weapons, he’s finding that Congress is in a very different state than in 1994. To complicate matters, the president often claims that after the law expired, mass shootings tripled. Yet, the data suggests that’s not true.

A 2019 New York School of Medicine paper is often cited as proof that Biden’s assertion is correct. The study stated that mass shooting deaths dropped slightly in the 10 years after the assault weapon ban was signed into law and before it expired. Still, even proponents of the study who cite it acknowledge that the drop in mass shootings was so small that one couldn’t draw conclusions from the results.

Other problems also exist with the study. The study shows that no deaths occurred in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2004 — yet in every one of those years, people died in mass shootings. That may not even be the worst of it. Columbia University’s Dr. Louis Klarevas wrote that the study didn’t properly account for the fact that assault weapons were only used in 25% to 36% of all active shootings.

So, is Biden using flawed figures to make his case?

Is it more misinformation coming from a president who wants to use the power of the government to stop everyone’s free speech but his own?

The Public Doesn’t Support an Assault Weapons Ban

On June 8, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed some startling facts for gun control advocates. Despite all their clamoring to enact gun control measures, the public is shifting their views. While 50% of registered voters told the poll they supported a nationwide ban on semi-automatic long guns, 45% opposed such a measure.

According to Fox News, the numbers are going in the wrong direction for those who support stronger gun laws. It’s the lowest level of support for such a suggestion since February 2013. In February 2018, the poll reached its peak on gun control at 67% approval.

So, not only was Biden wrong about the weapons ban numbers, Americans in larger numbers disagreed with his assessment that more gun control is what America needs.

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