Biden Turns on Far-Left With Insulting Remark

Biden Turns on Far-Left With Insulting Remark

( – Through the summer, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spent considerable time courting the far left factions of the Democratic Party. He agreed to much of what the Democratic socialists wanted in the party platform at the risk of losing moderate voters. The former VP knows that to defeat Trump, he will need every vote. That didn’t stop Biden yesterday. He laid a whopper on the far left members of the party who are already unenthused by his candidacy.

On Tuesday, September 22, Biden was asked to address any concerns voters may have about his support for socialist positions. His response: “I beat the socialist.” He went on to clarify that he was not a socialist.

Concern may be brewing in the Democratic Party that Biden’s comments might so annoy far-left voters that they won’t vote at all, allowing the re-election of President Trump nearly uncontested. Conservatives assert Biden’s convention platform proves he’s caving to the far-left, favoring them over moderates. Recently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said she believed Biden would move left after winning the election.


Hold on tight. It’s going to get interesting in the final stretch of the campaign.

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