Biden Tries to Flip Election Offices Into Democrat Campaign Operations

Biden Tries to Flip Election Offices Into Democrat Campaign Operations

( – In 2021, numerous GOP-led states passed election reform laws to clarify the use of drop boxes, end no-excuse mail-in voting, extend early voting, require voter identification, and enact other measures to make voting easier and make it harder for partisan activists to cheat. That didn’t sit well with Democrats and President Joe Biden, who demagogued the bills as racists, Jim Crow, and argued before the courts the laws would disenfranchise voters. The courts disagreed with that view and found no such evidence.

At least three times since the summer of 2021, congressional Democrats tried to pass two different radical voter reform bills. The laws would have federalized elections, overridden state election laws for federal elections, and restored an unbalanced election system. Without the support of 10 Senate Republicans, the legislation died in the Senate. So, what’s Joe Biden doing? He’s using executive orders to get around state election reform laws by using taxpayer dollars to boost voter turnout in strong Democratic areas.

Is Biden Turning the Government Into a Democratic Get-Out-the-Vote Operation?

The way an election is supposed to work is relatively straightforward. The government and political campaigns are separate entities. Federal and state election laws prevent the government and political campaigns from interacting with one another to prevent corruption, rigging of elections, or the perception that elections were unfair in any capacity – both perceived and real.

According to The Federalist, an executive order signed by Biden on March 7, 2021, blows this principle out of the water. Biden’s executive order calls for taxpayer dollars to help Democrats identify new voting blocs that would heavily support Democratic candidates.

The executive order hides behind the right to vote and free and fair elections as a foundation of America’s democracy. Among other things, it states that people of color face obstacles to voting via difficulties in the voter registration process. Eleven times the executive order says it’s the government’s responsibility to “promote” voting, and each federal agency head will evaluate ways to promote voter registration and voter participation.

So, how will the government do this?

It will use taxpayer dollars to create websites, online forms, social media, and other means to communicate with potential voters. Biden ordered the agencies to develop databases that communicate with state databases when someone registers to vote via the federal government. Additionally, the federal government would also distribute voter registration and vote-by-mail application forms.

What could possibly go wrong?

Is This Appropriate Activity for Government?

The Federalist notes that Biden’s executive order would require federal agencies to work with partisan activist groups and political campaigns to strategically boost voter turnout, especially in areas that benefit them.

In December 2020, the far-left group, Demos, produced a report that closely aligns with the executive order created just months later. After the president signed the EO, Demos published a new document revealing how the administration could implement the president’s order. According to The Federalist, two people who helped create the original document now work for President Biden.

So, as Democrats brace for a potential shellacking this fall, will they attempt to make it less painful at the voting booth?

Stay tuned.

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