Biden to Start Sending $300 per Child to Majority of US Families

Biden to Start Sending $300 per Child to Majority of US Families

( – The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its jobs report covering April. Dow Jones anticipated an unemployment rate of 5.8%, but it rose to 6.1% instead. Conservatives expressed concern government handouts increased that figure. Despite their concerns, the Biden administration decided to pour more fuel on that fire and authorized an additional payment to families with children.

President Biden released a statement on Monday, May 17, announcing that about 90% of the nation’s families with children will begin receiving child tax credit payments in July.

Under the program, families will receive monthly payments of $300 for each child under age 6 and $250 for each child over 6. The payments will automatically continue through the end of 2021 for families qualifying for the program.

The US Chamber of Commerce’s executive vice president Neil Bradley already estimated that the $300 supplemental unemployment benefit payment resulted in about 25% of recipients taking home more money than they would earn once they returned to work. This new program would likely increase that figure.

It’s time for the Biden administration to get a grip and quit paying people to stay at home.

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