Biden To Face Multiple Investigations From Republicans When They Take Power

Biden To Face Multiple Investigations From Republicans When They Take Power

Biden DISASTER – Multiple Probes Coming

( – Whenever one political party dominates Congress and controls the White House, there isn’t much, if any, oversight of the executive branch. That would be bad politics regardless of whether or not it’s good for the country. While the US Constitution says nothing about overseeing or investigating the executive branch, many believe those powers are implied so that Congress can do its job to make laws and appropriate tax dollars.

Over the last 18 months, Democrats in Congress have attempted to persuade President Joe Biden to act unilaterally without its approval. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has consistently ruled that Biden doesn’t have authority to act without specific legislation. Still, there are other important issues that Democrats have ignored, and Republicans say they will begin investigations immediately if they take back either the House or the Senate in the next election.

Republicans Prepare to Hold Biden and Democrats Accountable

Republicans are warning the Biden administration and Democrats to prepare for more oversight and investigations if they take Congress from the Democrats in November. The GOP says it wants to get to the bottom of allegations about the Hunter and Joe Biden corruption story and learn why illegal immigration is entirely out of control on the Southern border. They also want to discover how events unfolded that led to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and left the US reputation in tatters across the globe.

That’s not all. Republicans also plan to discover more about the Democrats’ intent to form the January 6 select committee and the origins of COVID-19. They also want to examine election systems and laws in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.

In an interview with Politico, Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), who’s in line to become the House majority leader if the GOP takes the House this fall, said investigations will focus on holding the Biden administration accountable and getting answers to issues that remain unresolved. He warned that the oversight would be intense.

The GOP has already told the January 6 panel, administration officials, and Twitter to preserve documents for upcoming investigations. The real challenge for Republicans will be how to focus their investigations so they can get started as early as January.

Republicans Gain Information in the Minority

The minority party is always at a severe disadvantage. It is powerless to call for investigations and can’t prohibit the majority party from exerting its will. Still, Republicans have found a way to make their political points over the last 18 months.

The most recent occurred on Tuesday, July 19. Recently, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told a radio station that producing more gas wasn’t the answer to America’s energy problem. Instead, he said everyone needs to buy a battery-powered car. On Tuesday, he said the unthinkable to the House Committee on Infrastructure in a back and forth with Republicans. The administration’s real goal is apparently to force people to buy an electric car whether they want one or not.

Imagine what Buttigieg will say or do if he becomes president, and many expect him to run in 2024.

Investigations can reveal many things, so expect Republicans to use their power to expose the Biden family’s corruption and bad Democratic policies that have harmed America if they win the majority in the House and Senate in November.

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