Biden To Deploy Troops to Border, Internal Memo Suggests

Biden To Deploy Troops to Border, Internal Memo Suggests

( – During the Democratic primaries and then into the 2020 presidential election season, President Joe Biden practically invited caravans of people willing to cross the border into the United States. Proper documentation was not required. At 11:59 p.m. on May 11, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agencies will lose an important tool to help them quickly remove illegal immigrants from the country and force them instead to rely on a more drawn-out and politically compromised method. Biden’s prior stance, and that of many of the Democrats, seems to be at odds with the new plan he has concocted to deal with a potentially serious problem.

The Coming Flood

Some experts estimate there are tens of thousands (perhaps even more) of foreign nationals at or approaching areas in Mexico, just across the border from cities in America. Texans in El Paso, Brownsville and other entry points are dreading that moment. So is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), apparently.

According to a May 2 press release from the DHS, the agency has asked the Department of Defense (DoD) to send “an additional 1,500 personnel [to the border] for a period of 90 days.”

The boost in people will bring the DoD presence up to 4,000 personnel in non-law enforcement roles with the intent that they will “free up DHS law enforcement personnel to perform their critical law enforcement missions.” The extra boots on the ground are being requested because of the expected swell of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States.

What’s Changing Now?

On March 20, 2020, former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield, MD, signed an order after former President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order aimed at trying to prevent potentially infected people from making the pandemic even worse than it was shaping up to be. Because the president had already declared a national health emergency, the government was authorized “to suspend the introduction of persons into the United States when the Director determines the existence of a communicable disease” increases the danger to the country.

The authorization for such a declaration comes from 42 U.S.C. §§ 265, 268, hence the shorthand name of the action as seen in the media of Title 42. The CDC order is what is set to expire on May 11.

According to the El Paso Times, Mayor Oscar Leeser has declared a local state of emergency in anticipation of the huge influx which will cause further problems for the locals that are already facing “hundreds of migrants sleeping on sidewalks” as well as overflowing shelters.

According to the outlet, some in El Paso are concerned that the camps the illegal immigrants have already set up could become even greater health and safety hazards than already exists. The article indicated Mayor Leeser told a press conference their emergency services were sent out five times “to camps regarding the exploitation of young women and drugs over the weekend.”

Will 1,500 additional troops help? Will they be enough? Time will tell.

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