Biden Struggles During Meeting With World Leader, Pulls Out Notecards

Biden Struggles During Meeting With World Leader, Pulls Out Notecards

( – It’s no great secret Biden administration officials try to keep the president away from the probing eyes of reporters. However, it’s unavoidable at times, like when foreign leaders visit the White House. Unfortunately, the obligatory press conferences on those occasions all too often offer a disturbing glimpse into President Joe Biden’s functional abilities. A perfect case in point is Biden’s recent meeting with the president of Kenya.

On Thursday, October 14, Biden and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta sat down for a brief press conference in the Oval Office. Video shows Biden looking down at a stack of notecards before he could finish his first sentence. It appears he needed help either remembering Kenyatta’s name or how to pronounce it correctly.

Continuing that trend, Biden looked at his notecards two more times as he struggled to get through the first four sentences of his obviously prepared remarks. While having some notes jotted down before a meeting isn’t all that unusual, the fact Biden didn’t appear to have a command of basic information set off alarm bells with some members of the press.

Biden also attempted to crack a joke about Kenya’s current role as the United Nations Security Council President. Biden appeared to find it funny to thank Kenyatta for “letting [the United States] stay in” that prestigious group of nations. In reality, the United States has sat on the UN Security Council as a permanent member since its first session in January 1946.

Perhaps, Biden felt some kinship with Kenyatta since both leaders face corruption allegations involving family members.

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