Biden “Strike Force” to Start Escalating Tensions With China


( – President Biden has finally grown some backbone when it comes to China with a new trade team set to fight the communist regime’s unfair practices. The question is, does the president have the bite to make his bark truly threatening?

On June 8, a White House staffer told reporters that a new “supply chain trade strike force” will be tasked to look for and take action on violations that harm US supply chains.

While the US buys much more than we sell to China, the real problem is that, increasingly, China is the only place to get certain things we need. Beijing already dominates the market in computer chips and rare earth metals needed to produce many tech components. Right now, for example, the Department of Commerce is planning a study on how China’s stranglehold on supplies of neodymium magnets affects our national security.

The problem with Biden’s tough talk is that he may not be capable of backing it up. It’s one thing to know China can shut down large parts of our industry by cutting off supplies, but having the capability to do anything about it is another thing entirely.

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