Biden Stops Short of Revealing What Doctors Found

Biden Stops Short of Revealing What Doctors Found

( – Political watchers, medical professionals, and lawmakers have expressed concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s age and mental fitness, casting a dark shadow over his professed ambition for a second term. However, as it turns out, something in his medical history could explain his history of gaffes, slurs, and stutters. He initially fell short in a recent speech of revealing what doctors found, but corrected course and instead discussed his February 1988 brush with death.

On March 6, Biden spoke to attendees of the International Association of Firefighter’s annual Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. He tried to ingratiate himself with attendees by telling one of his anecdotes, this time about an occasion when firefighters saved his life.

The Western Journal reported that Biden told firefighters he returned to his Delaware home with “terrible headaches,” after a two-day trip. “I was diagnosed with having a…” he began before trailing off with an inexplicable “well, anyway.”

After telling a short joke about surgeons having to remove the top part of his skull a couple of times, Biden returned to his story. According to him, he suffered a cranial aneurysm, a severe condition involving a ballooning blood vessel in the brain. Then-President Ronald Reagan even offered to send Marine One to transport Biden to Walter Reed Hospital. However, a raging snowstorm eliminated that as an option. Instead, Biden’s local fire brigade transported him to the Bethesda, Maryland, medical center for a nine-hour operation to save his life.

Four months later, in May 1988, doctors conducted a second operation to correct another aneurysm discovered in an artery supplying blood to the right side of his brain. His earlier surgery repaired a vessel on the left side of his brain.

It remains unclear why Biden initially hedged on discussing his medical history during his address. Media outlets reported on both aneurysms at the time, and ABC News published a photograph of Biden sitting in his office with a “Welcome back, Senator!” sign hanging on the wall behind him. Additionally, Biden wrote about the experience in his 2008 book, “Promises To Keep.”

Perhaps he forgot what he was talking about in midstream. There’s no way of knowing for sure.

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