Biden Steals Trump’s Language as He Starts to Slip With Voters

Biden Steals Trump's Language as He Starts to Slip with Voters

( – In 2016, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump connected the dots for America. He exposed how Democrats — and some Republicans — valued global trade over American workers as manufacturing jobs slid to all-time lows. Instead of good-paying jobs, many workers could only find low-wage work, leaving them unable to make ends meet. During the campaign, President Barack Obama asked what “magic wand” Trump would wield to bring back manufacturing, emphatically stating it wouldn’t happen.

Almost immediately, Trump pursued tax reductions and removing burdensome regulations. The result was a boom in the US economy. Over 7 million jobs were created in Trump’s first 3 years compared to 2.4 million from 2007 to 2017. Over 480,000 of the new jobs were in manufacturing. In 2020, the pandemic hurt these numbers as Democratic governors locked down their states, resulting in economic catastrophe for millions of Americans. Now, instead of returning to policies that work, President Joe Biden is stubbornly reversing course while stealing Trump’s populist language.

On Wednesday, July 28, Biden visited a Mack Truck factory to tout his “Buy American” theme. Of course, his idea of Buy American is very different from Donald Trump’s. Instead of focusing on private industry and instituting policies that would create more manufacturing jobs, the president focuses on the government and how it spends money. He wants to mandate an increase in government spending on American products as if it’s a novel idea or something new.

Why Is Biden Trying to Plagiarize Trump’s Message Now?

There are many reasons Biden is failing to connect with voters.

Among them, the CDC revised controversial guidelines requiring masks for the vaccinated in certain situations or where COVID-19 is spreading quickly just a few days ago. At the same time, the administration is allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to enter America while infected with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. A resurgence in COVID-19 is threatening the president’s agenda. Biden’s signature bipartisan and partisan infrastructure initiatives are in big trouble. Crime continues to spike across America, and inflation is out of control, putting a big dent in people’s bank accounts.

If that’s not bad enough, Biden’s errors are ruining whatever level of trust America had in him. On Tuesday, July 27, he insulted unvaccinated Americans by saying they are “not as smart as I thought.” In addition to insulting half the country, he continues to lie so often about Republican election-reform laws that he believes his own nonsense. Even the liberal Washington Post gave him five Pinocchios after he accused the GOP of passing racist Jim Crow laws.

Are Americans Turning on Biden?

It certainly looks like the tide is turning against him. A recent ABC/Ipsos survey said that Americans’ optimism about the future dropped 20% since May. In an AP/NORC poll, 54% of Americans said the economy is in bad shape. The one positive for Biden over the last six months was his approval over how he handled COVID-19. That could be in jeopardy as the Delta variant spreads and hijacks his agenda.

If Biden continues to slip with voters, it could cause devastation for Democrats in the 2022 election. The GOP needs less than 10 seats to take back the House and 1 to take back the Senate.

It appears that Biden’s trainwreck is helping Republicans. The 2022 midterm election isn’t far off, and the window is closing on the Democrat’s hopes of transforming America.

The next 15 months are going to be an interesting ride.

Hold on tight!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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