Biden Slips Hard in Iowa

Biden Slips Hard in Iowa

Iowa, a key battleground state, is slipping out of Sleepy Joe’s grasp.

According to a new poll from Quinnipiac University, the results put Biden in fourth place among DNC candidates.

While Biden is still technically the front-runner nationwide, Warren and Bernie have been biting at his heels for months. Ever so briefly, Warren took a marginal lead over Biden during one of the DNC presidential debates before polling data evened out. Even Buttigieg is helping to lead the charge against Biden in Iowa even though he’s polling nationally at 7.1%.

Biden only has so long to enjoy his lead if he doesn’t step up his game. Earlier this month, a super PAC was created in his favor, which may help to tip the scales. However, throwing money into a dumpster fire of a campaign can only do so much.

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