Biden Signs Order Expanding ObamaCare

Biden Signs Order Expanding Obamacare

( – One has to be cautious when considering the issuance of presidential memorandums, proclamations, and executive orders. Yes, presidents serve as the head of the executive branch. However, they do not control the power of the purse, which renders some actions little more than symbolic political gestures.

An ideal case in point could be Joe Biden’s decision to issue an executive order expanding enrollment in ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, for some unknown reason.

The order has yet to be published, but a White House fact sheet states it is expected that the website will open up a “Special Enrollment Period” for Obamacare for 30 days beginning on February 15.

However, the fact sheet makes no mention of funding to pay for new participants’ healthcare options. Likewise, it doesn’t create funding to increase government subsidies to offset insurance costs. Only Congress can approve those funds.

Once again, it appears a Democratic administration is all talk with no ability to provide any action on its policy goals and corresponding executive orders.

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