Biden Set to Unleash Critical Race Theory on America’s Youth

Biden Set to Unleash Critical Race Theory on America's Youth

( – Anti-Trump Republicans who voted for Joe Biden may come to believe that they made a massive mistake in the 2020 election. The writing was all over the walls. While some objected to Donald Trump’s rhetoric or claimed he was an immoral person, what America got was far worse. For all of Trump’s imperfections, he governed as a true conservative. Now, America is reaping its reward as President Joe Biden begins the process of radically transforming America.

It’s not hyperbole to make the claim. Nor is it an exaggeration. On Monday, April 19, Biden’s Department of Education issued a proposed rule that will radically change how American history and civics are taught. Instead of learning about the Revolutionary War, the founding fathers, the reason for the Civil War, and how the government works, it’s being proposed that Critical Race Theory take precedence as America’s youth are indoctrinated instead of educated.

Biden Signalled the Change Was Coming

Since the tragic death of George Floyd in May 2020, Biden jumped on the rhetoric train of race. He repeatedly accuses the United States of being “systemically racist.” What he’s implying is that Americans are not racist, but the institutions that govern them are. To fix it, there is a lot of educational reform required.

Titled “Proposed Priorities-American History and Civics Education,” a new proposed regulation was introduced into the federal registry by the Department of Education. What the regulation does is require:

  1. Schools use “culturally responsive teaching and learning” that focuses on “racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives.”
  2. Identity safe classrooms.
  3. A focus on the consequences of slavery and the significant contributions of black Americans to society.
  4. Create a government agenda to invest in news literacy so students develop skills to “meaningfully participate in our democracy and distinguish fact from misinformation.”

Danger Is Lurking

If it’s not obvious already, this leftist agenda is dangerous. Not only does it run contrary to conservative orthodoxy about America’s history in all of its good and bad, but it’s also a full-blown rewriting of history as well as the purpose of the media and government.

If not pushed back on and defeated, the government will use this regulation to teach America’s youth that the country is evil. Worse still, it will indoctrinate a new generation of Americans to believe what the government tells them. It used to be that skepticism of government was a good thing to hold it accountable for misdeeds.

Not anymore if this is successfully implemented without a challenge. Instead, the government will decide what the truth is and what is a lie. The potential for government misinformation and abuse is beyond questionable. In the last month alone, Biden lied four times about the Georgia election reform bill and equated it to Jim Crow laws. Yet, it doesn’t resemble anything of the sort.

If this regulation is implemented, those who question Biden’s truthfulness, or anyone in the government, would be labeled wrongly for telling the truth – all because the government said it’s so.

History and civics should be taught fully and objectively. This subjective regulation only serves to create more animosity and division between Americans.

So much for Biden the uniter.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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