Biden Senior Staffer Touted Mandatory Gun Buyback Program

Biden Senior Staffer Touted Mandatory Gun Buyback Program

( – For decades, Democrats championed measures to get guns off the streets and reduce crimes despite the fact that some of their actions may run contrary to the 2nd Amendment. There are also studies suggesting mandatory buyback programs are highly ineffective and the programs typically target the wrong types of guns. That didn’t stop potential President-Elect Joe Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff and former presidential campaign manager, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, from endorsing the idea.

While working as the campaign manager for Beto O’Rourke’s 2020 campaign, Dillion recorded a video supporting the mandatory buyback of assault weapons that are nothing more than “weapons of war.” She estimated a mandatory program could get “15 or 16 million” guns off the streets.

However, she’s not alone. On Joe Biden’s campaign website, he also advocated for instituting a buyback program for assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

What is a Mandatory Gun Buyback Program?

A VOLUNTARY gun buyback program allows gun owners to choose to sell their guns to government entities for cash or vouchers. The programs are usually bought by law enforcement agencies under a “no questions asked” policy. However, under a MANDATORY buyback program, citizens wouldn’t have a choice. They’d be required by law to sell specific guns or rifles to the government. If not, those guns would be illegal.

The US Constitution is a long-cherished right in the United States. According to the Small Arms Survey, Americans account for 46% of guns owned in the world. Additionally, only 3% of Americans own half of the guns in the country.

Do Gun Buyback Programs work?

There’s little evidence that gun buyback programs actually reduce crime. Plus, the cost to taxpayers is enormous. According to one study, a rifle buyback program could cost anywhere from just under $1 billion to $87 billion. Another study suggested a handgun buyback program could cost $7.6 billion. Neither accounted for the cost to law enforcement or government agencies to enforce the programs.

While assault weapons draw the attention of Democrats, crimes committed with them are rare. According to the US Department of Justice, the majority of homicides are committed with handguns, not assault weapons. Not only are homicides by assault weapons rare, but two-thirds of gun deaths are also suicides.

In a 2008 study, the research found no evidence of changes to gun-related crimes through gun buyback programs.

In recent years, police groups and 2nd Amendment advocates have criticized mandatory buybacks and even called them unconstitutional. With Democrats enjoying the smallest majority in the House in a hundred years, Republicans likely holding the Senate, and a conservative 6-3 majority Supreme Court, it could be difficult for Biden to get through such a controversial program.

However, that might not stop him from trying.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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