Biden Scrambles for Support

Biden Scrambles for Support

( – On a whole, Democrats have struggled to keep up with Republicans when it comes to 2020 presidential campaign funding. Every single Democratic candidate, save for Michael Bloomberg who spent $500 million of his own money, failed to match Presidential Donald Trump’s war chest. Even billionaire Tom Steyer, who spent just over $200 million, didn’t match the president’s campaign resources.

Not counting whatever Trump’s campaign raised last year, he’s pulled in a total of $212 million in 2020. That gives him a total of $240 million cash on hand to use at his discretion. The excitement to see Trump get another four years in the Oval Office is really showing.

The Joe Biden campaign has yet to report updated numbers, but, as of February 29, the campaign only had $12 million on hand. Biden recently spoke with donors and let it slip that getting support from his previous competitors netted him another $5.25 million over the course of two days. That’s nowhere near what he needs to continue through the year.

After witnessing these abysmal numbers compared to Trump, Obama’s former finance chair, Rufus Gifford, set up an online fundraising event scheduled for May 1. Maybe Biden’s lack of funding explains his campaign’s recent money grab of charging $2,800 to watch a single live stream. With these kinds of desperate measures, it makes one wonder if Biden will be able to pull in enough funding to continue his race throughout 2020.

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