Biden Says WHAT About Face Masks?

Biden Says WHAT About Face Masks?

( – Democrats are always looking for some way to set themselves apart from President Trump — even if it’s over the pettiest of disagreements or differences in interpretation, the Dems will take it. That’s what Joe Biden tried to do during a segment on ABC News.

First, Biden was asked about Trump’s sentiment that “the cure can’t be worse than the disease” when it comes to the economy. While he rambled on, as usual, the second question was the moment he was looking for. When asked about new CDC guidelines asking people to wear masks in public, Biden all but sidestepped the issue to set himself apart from Trump.

Biden said it’s important to listen to the experts and President Trump “may not like how he looks in a face mask,” but “you should follow the science,” implying that Trump isn’t already doing that.

While Trump is currently choosing not to wear a mask inside the White House, he’s absolutely following the recommendations of top health officials when it comes to policy decisions. There’s no getting around the fact that Biden, and Democrats at large, will use any opportunity they can to “be different,” even if being different means being foolish.

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