Biden Says It’s Time to Fund Police Again

Biden Says It's Time to Fund Police Again

Biden’s POLICE Announcement Takes Media By Storm

( – President Biden is trying to back away from his party’s extreme left and their demands to “defund the police.” Instead, he called for the police to get more funds. Unusual for a Biden spending plan, he even had a suggestion of where to find the money.

On May 15, Biden spoke at a memorial dinner for cops who died in the line of duty. The event, commemorating the 563 US police officers who gave their lives in the last year, was a potentially tricky venue for a president whose party has a vocal faction that’s spent the last two years calling to defund the police. However, while Biden didn’t have a lot else to say, he did put the lid on the defunding debate.

Talking about the increase in lawlessness and violent crime, Biden said the answer is “not to defund the police — it’s to fund the police.” He went on to say law enforcement should be given what they need “to protect our communities and themselves and restore trust.”

Biden’s stance on law enforcement has become complicated. Although he’s generally been part of the Democrat mainstream, in recent years he’s tracked left in an attempt to win over the party’s radical left. Two years ago, after the death of George Floyd, he promised widespread reforms of policing and kept a low profile as Dem radicals called for defunding. Now, he’s attending police memorial dinners and calling on cities to spend leftover COVID funds to hire more cops. At least he’s on the right track now, for the moment — but what will he believe next week?

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