Biden Says He’ll Involve the Entire World in a Possible War Against Russia

Biden Says He'll Involve the Entire World in a Possible War Against Russia

( – President Biden has warned the Kremlin if Russia invades Ukraine, he will “rally the world” against them. It’s a hardline stance – but not a very convincing one.

Talking from the White House on February 15, Biden said the US is keeping all options open in the face of Russian threats to Ukraine. He said that if President Putin sends his troops across the border, “it’d be met with overwhelming international condemnation.” Biden has also threatened Russia with severe economic sanctions if it invades, and promised to “defend every inch of NATO territory, with the full force of American power.” Significantly, though, Ukraine isn’t in NATO – so isn’t covered by that guarantee.

The US has now sent several thousand extra troops to Europe, with 8,500 more on standby to deploy. The military has deployed the reinforcements in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and other NATO countries that border Russia, but they haven’t sent any to Ukraine – so if the Russians launch an attack, are the Ukrainians are on their own?

At the end of January, US intelligence estimated Russia had around 100,000 troops deployed near the Ukrainian border. Now, that’s almost doubled, to 190,000. Does Biden really think some tough words will deter Putin’s massive army – or is he trying to engineer a crisis to take attention away from his domestic troubles?

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