Biden Says a “New World Order” Is Coming

Biden Says a

( – In World Wars I and II, countries created alliances to protect their sovereign interests. Sometimes, alliances didn’t make sense on the surface. In World War II, the US eventually came to the defense of Europe as Hitler advanced his army across much of the continent. He waged a brutal war against the Russians, and for a time, the US allied with Russia to defeat Nazi Germany, despite Russia’s brutal dictatorship.

In the wake of the war, alliances strengthened and waned as the communist Soviet Union emerged on the global scene. During the 1940s and 1950s, Western allies formed the United Nations and cemented a military alliance by creating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). At the same time, Russia created the Warsaw Pact. Now, President Joe Biden says a new world order is coming and that the United States needs to lead it.

Biden Declares New World Order On the Way

On Monday, March 21, President Biden spoke at the Business Roundtable’s quarterly gathering in Washington, DC. At the end of his speech, he sent shockwaves through the conservative community and among conspiracy theorists. The president declared that the world is at an inflection point that occurs every three or four generations. Biden said we are living through another time of shifting change, and a new world order is emerging. He emphasized the United States must lead the change.

So, what was Biden talking about when he said there’s a new order? Over the last year, he tried to change so much of America, and now the world since Russia invaded Ukraine. Was his wording a simple slip of the tongue, or is there more to it?

Is the New World Order Just a Figure of Speech?

Domestically, Joe Biden worked hard with Democrats over the last year to transform the economy, society, and the government. In the early days of his presidency, he announced his equity agenda. On the surface, it sounds interesting. Dig a little deeper, and it could erode Americans’ liberties and freedoms. Equity is another term used to describe equal outcomes, also in relation to the economy and global climate change proposals. Whenever a government strives to create equal outcomes, it must by definition erode individual liberties to accomplish the goal. Many call this model socialism.

On the world stage, Biden could be referring to new alliances. Ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a new alliance between the two countries. At the same time, numerous former USSR states have requested membership in NATO, setting off alarms in Moscow.

So, is Biden talking about the new world order as an international realignment of allies? Or, is it a domestic realignment or shift from capitalism and republican democracy towards socialism? What if it’s both?

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