Biden Rewards Corporate Takeover of America

Biden Rewards Corporate Takeover of America

( – For decades, Democrats loved to paint a narrative that they were for the little people, and Republicans were the party of big business. Somewhere over the last decade, all that changed as business leaders educated in highly liberal colleges and universities took the reins of America’s largest businesses. From global corporate America to the media, big unions, and giant tech companies, Democrats now enjoy tremendous support.

In the 2020 election, perhaps no modern presidential nominee got more favorable support from big business special interest groups than Joe Biden. Now that the media who supported him has claimed his victory over President Donald Trump, Biden is set to pay them back big time. It could be the beginning of the greatest “corporate takeover” of America in history.

The Payback Is Just Beginning

The media is barely covering anything going on with the Biden campaign or his transition staff. It’s par for the course. They barely covered the campaign, protected him from the Biden family pay for play scandal, and didn’t report on his previous statements supporting far-left causes.

This self-censored media blackout is creating a vacuum for Biden to initiate a payback to corporate America. At the newly created fake “Office of the President-Elect,” they are assembling a transition team designed to thank those who shielded Biden’s campaign from scrutiny while ruthlessly attacking Trump.

One of Biden’s first announcements was to make Ron Klain his Chief of Staff. However, Klain is not just an average Biden supporter. Biden’s new Chief of Staff, who previously worked for him in the same role when he was vice president, is also a lobbyist for guess who… Big Tech. Since 2016, Klain has been a member of the Executive Council of Silicon Valley’s lobbying arm.

We all know how Big Tech behaved in the 2020 election. They repeatedly censored President Trump, his cabinet members, and prominent social voices on Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Biden Skirts His Own Rules

The potential president-elect loves to talk about ethics rules put in place to limit the influence of corporate lobbyists in a new administration. However, what they don’t tell you is that they love to skirt the rules. All they have to do is get a rubber stamp approval from the transition team’s general counsel. They’ve been giving out exceptions like Santa Claus gives gifts on Christmas Eve night: freely and joyfully.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a database of over 500 congressional lobbyists was cross-referenced. What they discovered was at least 40 lobbyists are serving on Biden’s transition team. They represent big corporations, unions, Hollywood, liberal advocacy groups, and labor.

Other transition team members include executives from Amazon, Airbnb, Capital One, Visa, and Uber. The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, is also on the list.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, the influence of Corporate America on the Biden administration’s policies could be profound. From immigration, cheap labor, trade, and other pro-business dealings, the Democratic Party has become the party of big business.

The corporate takeover of America is now underway.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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