Biden Reveals How Far-Left He’s Willing to Go

Biden Reveals How Far-Left He's Willing to Go

( – Joe Biden made it through the Democratic selection process to become the presumptive nominee for one reason only – he’s seen as a moderate. He’s someone who would push policies that aren’t crazy enough to alienate the majority of American voters. There might be some panic at Dem HQ though because Biden’s just released details of the platform he plans to run on – and it’s terrifying.


In an attempt to unite the fracturing Democratic Party, former Vice President Joe Biden has enlisted the help of Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) to write his policies.

  • Biden and Sanders set up a joint task force in an attempt to come up with a policy platform to unite the moderate and left wings of the party – an increasingly difficult task, as the Left becomes steadily more radical.
  • What they’ve come up with looks like a way to give the Left most of what they want, without being open enough about what they’re planning to scare away ordinary Americans.
  • The manifesto doesn’t mention the far-left’s current objectives — defunding the police, abolishing ICE, Medicare for all and the so-called “Green New Deal” being pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).
  • However, the policy list definitely shows the far-left influence of Sanders. Instead of Medicare for All, there’s a renewed and beefed-up Obamacare, for example. It wouldn’t introduce a single-payer system as Sanders has advocated, but it would bring the government much deeper into healthcare than it’s ever been.
  • On green issues, there’s also been a huge swing to the left from Biden’s previous positions. The words “Green New Deal” don’t appear, but the plan calls for huge spending on public transport and emphasis on “climate justice.”
  • There’s also a list of reforms to policing, which go even further than the bill the Democrats are trying to push through Congress right now. If enacted, it’d reduce the ability of cops to restrain suspects and open them up to civil litigation.
  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) will be happy with the outcome, too. Biden will be running on a promise to set up a commission on reparations to Blacks for slavery – which ended in the US 155 years ago – and discrimination.

Biden’s hope will be that his platform is radical enough to get the far left to rally behind him, while also being fuzzy enough to hide its radicalism from mainstream voters. It’s a bold gamble – if it backfires on him there could be a heavy price to pay in November.

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