Biden Pushes NY Migrant Drama to Congress

( – The stress of illegal immigration is proving too much even for the New York Democrat machine. In recent weeks, tension between Governor Kathy Hochul (D) and NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) has bubbled over into the media, as the two argue over who’s responsible for supporting the flood of people allowed into the country by the administration’s failed border policies. Now President Joe Biden has tried to shift the blame to Congress.

NY Dems Squabble Over Migrants

In the last year, more than 100,000 asylum seekers, most of them illegal immigrants, have descended on New York State — with the vast majority of them ending up in New York City. The Big Apple simply can’t cope with that many people; its homeless shelters are full and its budget is stretched to the breaking point. Even the state’s liberal residents are getting fed up; a recent poll showed that 58% of them want migration cut. Now Mayor Adams is trying to divert some of the flood to other parts of the state, and Hochul isn’t happy.

Hochul has publicly reprimanded Adams, telling him the state has already provided financial support to accommodate the migrants, but Adams is pointing out that the city’s shelters are simply full. Now both of them are trying to get help from the federal government. Hochul has been more diplomatic in her approach to that; Adams has been more critical of the White House’s inaction. Both have been disappointed.

White House Does Nothing

On August 24, Hochul wrote to Biden asking for the federal government to process migrants faster and give those who qualify green cards so they can work and stop claiming state assistance. Biden’s response won’t have given her much hope. Instead of promising action, he claimed his administration has been “working to build a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system.” The problem is, that’s just regurgitating a slogan he coined in his first weeks in office — and it hasn’t been accompanied by any action.

Now Biden says it’s down to Congress to deal with the problem. A White House spokesperson said that “only Congress can provide the additional funds” and fix the “broken” immigration system. The problem is that additional funds aren’t going to fix the problem. What’s needed is a commitment to secure our southern border and prevent these illegal immigrants from entering the US in the first place. There are a lot more people trying to get into this country than we could ever afford to support.

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