Biden Proposes Threatening Livelihoods to Force Vaccinations Without Mandates

Biden Proposes Threatening Livelihoods to Force Vaccinations Without Mandates

( – Throughout the last four decades, the federal government regularly threatened to withhold government funds from states and municipalities. It was nothing less than coercion. The principle was simple: force state and local governments to do what the federal government wanted despite the state’s rights enshrined in the Constitution. Numerous case laws exist that make this practice by the federal government illegal.

While the states might be protected, the federal government’s record on coercing private entities isn’t as straightforward. It could become evident in the near future if Joe Biden gets his way. The president is threatening to strip people of their livelihoods if they refuse to get vaccinated. His potential course of action can only further divide Americans and potentially create a Constitutional crisis around vaccine mandates.

Get Vaccinated or Lose Your Job

In the early days of Biden’s presidency, it was clear he wasn’t going to serve as the great uniter he promised to be. However, few, if any, predicted his divisive nature could get this bad. As long as vaccinations are under a conditional and temporary Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) status, the government can’t mandate COVID-19 vaccinations. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t try to use other persuasive powers to force businesses and other entities to require vaccination mandates on its behalf.

On Thursday, August 5, the Washington Post revealed the Biden administration is evaluating a new strategy to force the 50% of Americans who aren’t vaccinated to get jabbed. It goes something like this. If your company accepts federal dollars and doesn’t require a vaccination mandate as a condition of employment, the business would lose federal dollars until it does.

Ask yourself, is Biden going after the company or those who don’t trust the vaccine and refuse to get it? It’s obviously the latter. The business is just collateral damage.

The end-around of the Constitution by Biden seeks to threaten your livelihood and ruin your financial well-being unless you succumb and get vaccinated.

It’s the worst kind of coercion, manipulation, and divisiveness.

Is It Legal?

Who knows for sure. The Supreme Court ruled against the federal government for threatening states and cities by withholding funds in recent years. In the most recent example, the high court rejected former President Donald Trump’s threats to withhold money to sanctuary cities unless they complied with federal immigration laws.

If the government can’t use a withholding tactic against sanctuary cities, it’s hard to imagine the Biden administration can threaten businesses and your job over a vaccination mandate. Unfortunately, we’re in uncharted territory.

In theory, this coercion is the kind the founders tried to protect Americans from through the US Constitution.

The vaccinated versus unvaccinated wars are just beginning.

How could any idea like this end well?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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