Biden Plays Dangerous Game With Voting Rights to Stoke Activist Base

Biden Plays Dangerous Game With Voting Rights to Stoke Activist Base

( – Here we go again. Democrats will say and do anything they can to try and pull their approval ratings up high enough to create some kind of enthusiasm on their side. Over the last six months, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have been on a major slide with independent voters. They believe the way to legislative and electoral success is to get aggressive, divide the country more, and try to force bad policy through legislation.

How is that working so far? It’s not, but that doesn’t matter. Their agenda is more important than electoral results. On Thursday, January 6, Biden tried to connect the false insurrection narrative to voter rights. He claimed that the Senate needs to carve out the filibuster so that Democrats can pass their voter rights legislation that’s little on rights and big on a federal takeover.

Democrats All-In on Their False Narrative

Since March 2020, Biden and his party have misinformed the public about the state GOP election reform laws. They continually push the narrative that Republicans are suppressing the minority vote. Democratic activist Stacey Abrams joined President Biden in saying the GOP laws are racist. Yet, the courts, including the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), reaffirmed last summer that wasn’t true and refused to overturn GOP election reform laws in Arizona and Georgia.

So, how are they attempting to manipulate voters? It started with the drumbeat that Republicans are insurrectionists after January 6, 2021. That’s despite not a single person of the over 700 charged with anything resembling a charge of insurrection. The evidence doesn’t meet the legal standard. Nonetheless, that’s where it starts.

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave away the strategy. She said the GOP is now building on its insurrection strategy through GOP voter reform laws. The Left claims that to protect America from the party of insurrection (i.e., Republicans), the federal government must step in, take over elections from the states, and protect the Constitution and our democracy.

Pelosi was far from alone. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), the number three Democrat in the House, defended the Democrat’s plan to hijack the system and stated that elections couldn’t be left up to the states to run.

Translation – Democrats can’t defeat voters intent on throwing them out of office, so they need to ensure they protect themselves.

Democrats Polluting the Political Waters

Numerous times in 2021, Democrats attempted to pass their supposed election reform legislation. It didn’t pass then, and it isn’t going to pass now. Yet, this is how desperate they are to hold on to power. They are struggling to admit that America doesn’t believe in their far-left ideology or agenda after the Virginia and New Jersey elections last November scared the daylight out of them. They are in trouble, and they know it.

In a December 22 Zogby poll, only 27% of Independents said they want Democrats to keep the majority, and 45% said they want Republicans. That’s an 18 point advantage for Republicans among Independents – and they will decide the 2022 elections.

So, what do Democrats do? Biden, Pelosi, and their minions continue to spread blatant misinformation. Unfortunately for Democrats, their election hijack plan plays right into the GOP’s hands as they keep claiming democracy is over if Republicans win in November. Independents saw what went on last year, and it appears they don’t believe the Democratic narrative. They shouldn’t, because it’s not for them – it’s for the Democrat’s far-left base.

Democrats are employing a bad political strategy all the way around. There aren’t enough far-left voters to elect Democrats, but they are sold out and boxed in.

Here’s the biggest fact you need to know… New York, Delaware, and New Jersey have more restrictive voting rights than Arizona, Georgia, or Texas. So, why aren’t the Democrats attacking these deep blue states? It makes no sense, unless this isn’t about voters?

Democrats are now trying to divide in order to win. If they keep this up, Democrats risk running themselves out of power for a long time. Fortunately for the GOP, they can’t help themselves.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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