Biden Plans to Run US Energy Off of Windmills and Solar Panels

Biden Plans to Run US Energy Off of Windmills and Solar Panels

( – There is something very wrong with the Democratic Party. For years, California has struggled to maintain enough electricity in its grid to handle warm or cold temperatures as it shut down coal plants across the state. Since Joe Biden got into the Oval Office, it seems he’s intent on turning the US into an expensive, inflationary, energy-reduced country. It’s difficult to understand why Biden and the Democrats want to power an industrialized nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines.

California is an example of what not to do. It has proven that renewable energy by itself will not meet America’s energy needs. In January, Biden ordered the government to revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Months later the project was shut down and approximately 10,000 good-paying union jobs disappeared. Now, Biden is honing in on another pipeline as energy prices soar going into the cold, winter months.

Biden and Democrats Are Divorced From Reality

Line 5 is a pipeline network that moves crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products from Western Canada to upper Michigan. It’s responsible for transporting approximately 540,000 gallons of oil every day that ultimately is used for making plastic products, gasoline for your car, and home heating oil.

On Monday, November 8, the Biden administration acknowledged that the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan is under review for a shutdown. White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was forced to reverse course after she slammed a report saying the administration is shutting down the pipeline. However, it’s a game of semantics. Jean-Pierre acknowledged that the Army Corp of Engineers is studying the pipeline for a possible shutdown.

If Biden shuts down another major pipeline, it could have severe consequences for America. According to the National Academy of Sciences, fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere for decades despite the administration’s vision for America. They suggest that no single technology will ensure we can meet tomorrow’s energy needs. It takes time, money, and know-how to change how energy is created, distributed, and consumed.

Biden Destroys America’s Energy Production But Okays Foreign Oil

What the Biden administration is trying to accomplish makes no sense. The president somehow believes we are saving the world by shutting down energy production in the United States, but is that true? As energy prices explode at home, the president is trying to convince OPEC to pump more oil. How is their oil better than ours? Is pollution only okay when the sources come from a corrupt oil cartel? Just a year ago, the US was energy independent for the first time in decades. Biden put us back on a road to dependency.

While the president is shutting down pipelines and halting drilling on federal lands, he’s greenlighting Russia to ship energy to Germany via a massive — you guessed it — pipeline.

Is America ready for what’s to come? Did the administration learn nothing from the 2021 elections in Virginia and New Jersey after voters said the economy was the top issue? Apparently, the Left’s ideology is more important to Biden than a repeat of the Jimmy Carter years.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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