Biden Passes Power Back to Governors

Biden Passes Power Back to Governors

( – President Joe Biden has multiple coronavirus-related mandates in place, a couple of them scheduled for oral arguments in the US Supreme Court during the first week of January 2022. Nevertheless, he suddenly flip-flopped and tossed power back to the country’s governors during a recent virtual meeting.

Biden sat in on the White House COVID-19 Response Team’s regularly scheduled call with the National Governors Association (NGA) on Monday, December 27. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), the current chair of the NGA, kicked off the discussion by discussing the governors’ concerns regarding the lack of rapid COVID-19 tests.

In a stunning move, Biden responded by punting the matter back at the NGA members. According to Biden, there isn’t a federal solution to the problem. Instead, he said the nation’s governors had to resolve the issue at the state level. Biden trailed off at that point, tossing about a few disingenuous compliments to Hutchinson and the NGA’s vice chair Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NY).

Continuing, Biden told the governors his administration knows what it takes to fight the rising COVID-19 cases in the wake of the appearance of the Omicron variant. “We know what it takes to save lives,” he insisted, adding that everyone just needed to “stay focused and… work together.”

If working together involves turning one’s back on the expressed concerns of the nation’s governors, then Sleepy Joe already has that promise in the bag. If it requires actually doing something, the American people better have a lot of patience.

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