Biden Panders to Florida Hispanics

Biden Panders to Florida Hispanics

( – Joe Biden’s poll numbers among Hispanics in Florida were so alarming, his campaign team had no choice but to bring him out of the basement. Yet every time he makes an appearance, something odd happens that leaves people wondering, “What in the world was that?”

He did it again on Tuesday, September 16, in Kissimmee, Florida. The very first thing Biden did when walking to the podium was to pull out his iPhone, pander to Hispanics in the audience, and play the Spanish hit song “Despacito.” As it played, he grinned and swayed oddly to the music.

Biden was the last of four speakers to appear on stage to turn around his poll numbers among Florida Hispanic voters. Actress and activist Eva Longoria, Singer Ricky Martin, and singer/songwriter Luis Fonsi appeared before Biden. Fonsi wrote and performed the song Biden played, and in context, Biden was making an obvious attempt to identify with the audience through the music, which is the most-watched video ever on YouTube. Despacito, which means “slowly” in Spanish, is a song about passionate sex.

Twitter immediately caught on and “Despacito” began trending quickly. On Wednesday morning, it was still trending. Trump campaign advisor Mercedes Schlapp had some fun with the song’s title, calling the former vice president, “Slow Joe.”

Stay tuned, it’s a long campaign. We can’t wait to see what Biden does next.

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