Biden Operatives Are Now Targeting Dishwashers

Biden Operatives Are Now Targeting Dishwashers

( – There’s more bad news for Americans who’ve had enough of the Biden administration’s extreme green agenda. The president is already determined to force us out of our cars and into short-ranged electric vehicles. Now, of all things, he’s decided to go after dishwashers.

On May 5, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced new efficiency standards for dishwashers. The rules create a new “product class” of the convenient appliances with a cycle time of less than an hour, which the DOE believes is “achievable” even though it also admits that it’s “substantially below” the cycle time of any machine that’s currently on the market.

The goal is to reduce water and energy usage by setting maximum annual limits for how much of each dishwashers can use; the DOE says this will save buyers $17 over the lifetime of a standard dishwasher and cut carbon emissions by 12.5 million tonnes over 30 years — but it will also cost manufacturers an estimated $125.6 million, which of course they’ll claw back by increasing prices.

This is just the latest assault on what Americans are allowed to buy. In fact, under the Biden administration, the DOE has released over a hundred new product standards or other rules. For example, last April, the DOE finalized a ban on incandescent lightbulbs, which kicks in next month; from now on, everyone will have to spend more for LED or fluorescent bulbs.

State and local governments are joining in, too; in March, San Francisco banned the sale and installation of new gas appliances from 2027. The cost of all these green laws is immense; the San Francisco rules alone mean up to a billion dollars needs to be spent on infrastructure upgrades. Meanwhile, China is opening more new coal power stations than any other country — six times more. Compared to that, more efficient dishwashers will make no difference at all — except to our wallets.

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