Biden Makes Chilling Joke After Mass Shooting

Biden Makes Chilling

( – President Joe Biden attracted criticism on Monday when, hours after a crazed trans activist allegedly gunned down six people at a Tennessee school, he treated visiting businesswomen to a rambling speech about ice cream. Did he pay attention to what people were saying, learn from it and improve his behavior? No. The next day, when asked about the shooting, he made a JOKE about it.

On March 28, Biden spoke to reporters on the White House lawn. One journalist asked him if he thought mass murderer Audrey Hale had specifically targeted Christians he replied, “I have no idea” — a response that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Another reporter told the 80-year-old president that Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) believed the atrocity was an anti-Christian hate crime. That’s a very real possibility that needs to be investigated, but incredibly, Biden grinned and replied, “Well, I probably don’t then.” When the stunned newsman repeated his words back to him, Biden said, “No, I’m joking… I have no idea.” Asked again if he thought it was a hate crime, he didn’t answer and moved on to another question.

Biden is already being accused of insensitivity over the Nashville attack. Just after Monday’s massacre, the president spoke to a group of businesswomen in the White House. Instead of a dignified response to what had just happened, he launched into a bizarre talk about his favorite ice cream and how he had a refrigerator full of it upstairs. He then singled out the four children of one guest, calling them “good looking kids” and making them stand up.

Responding to Biden’s remarks, Senator Hawley called the president “a disgrace” and slammed him for joking about hate crimes. He said Biden’s behavior was “totally beneath the dignity” of his office. Meanwhile, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R) accused the president of having “misunderstood the moment.” It’s stunning that even Biden can be so poor at reading the room.

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