Biden Just Lost the Majority of Hispanic Support

Biden Just Lost the Majority of Hispanic Support

Biden LOSES His Biggest Asset – A Complete Turnaround!

( – Over the last three decades, Democrats have made a concerted effort to build and maintain minority coalitions to ensure their electoral dominance for generations to come. Conservatives believed that Democrats wanted to build their new base on an influx of illegal immigration, ultimately changing the dynamics of US politics. It isn’t working out the way they intended.

A new May 19 Quinnipiac University poll revealed that Democrats are losing significant ground with Hispanic voters. It’s a trend that has been evolving for the last few years and might be unchangeable for Democrats. In December, a bombshell Wall Street Journal report showed that Hispanic voters split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. If black voters continue to even slightly move away from Democrats, the results could be a massive boon for Republicans once thought to be out of touch with minority voters.

Hispanic Voters Moving Away From Democrats in Big Numbers Under Biden

So, how dire is the situation for Democrats? According to the US Census Bureau, Hispanics make up 18.5% of the total US population. In addition to the December report by the Wall Street Journal, a separate poll noted a further shift towards the GOP in March. The survey showed that Hispanics would vote for a Republican by a nine vote margin. That could be crushing for a political party hoping to gain power on their backs.

Unfortunately, that’s not all the bad news for the Left. The Quinnipiac University poll showed that 60% of Hispanics don’t approve of President Joe Biden’s job, and only 26% approve. In May 2021, Quinnipiac found that 55% of Hispanics approved of the president. Nearly half of Hispanic voters said they would like to see Republicans control the Senate and 48% control the House.

As Democrats continue to shift to the far-left, they could begin to face obstacles with their most reliable constituency: the black vote. In 2021, Pew Research found that black Americans identify as overwhelmingly conservative as only 29% said they were liberal. If the GOP begins to make a push to attract conservative black voters, they could become the dominant party in the country.

Why Are Hispanic Voters Bailing on Democrats?

The answer to the question may be obvious, but not to the Left, who thinks along the lines of identity politics instead of issues that matter to people. Just a year ago, white elite leftists termed the word Latinx to describe Latin people in non-gender-neutral language. It was a word that Hispanic people don’t use amongst themselves, offended many deeply, and represented how the leftward shift of the Democratic Party was going too woke.

Perhaps a more pressing issue, many Hispanic people identify as religious, and the religious demagoguery over the last few years may be helping to push some away from Democrats. At the same time, Republicans continue to embrace people of faith. One research poll said half of American Hispanics are Catholic, and a growing segment identifies as evangelical — both groups are very pro-life.

If Democrats continue to demagogue faith and embrace economic views that Hispanic voters could construe as socialist, it’s a recipe for disaster. Voters tend to vote on values. It appears that the values of the Democratic Party might align less and less with Hispanic voters.

Stay tuned. The Hispanic vote could make all the difference in November and 2024.

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