Biden Is Planning on Handing Total Healthcare Power to the WHO

Biden Is Planning on Handing Total Healthcare Power to the WHO

[ALERT] Biden Intends to Hand Over Our Sovereignty Power – How To Stop It

( – In 1961, Ronald Reagan was ahead of his time. The future governor of California and US president spoke on the radio to America and shared that Marxist Socialists would use medicine to introduce socialism in the United States. He quoted James Madison, who said there are more instances of loss of freedom through silent encroachments than through sudden or violent social movements.

On Wednesday, May 4, America Outloud shared that President Joe Biden plans to turn the US healthcare system over to the World Health Organization (WHO). In turn, Biden would ultimately cede US sovereignty over to an entity many believe is corrupt and beholden to the Chinese.

Biden’s Plan to Give US Control Away to WHO

In 1787, the US Constitution was ratified, establishing US sovereignty. It also made the government accountable to the people through a system of checks and balances between the three branches of government as well as between the federal government and the states. Yet, if Joe Biden gets his way, the US could lose its sovereignty.

Here’s how… In January, the US proposed several amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations. Provisional agenda item 16.2 is on the docket for the upcoming WHO conference on May 22-28, 2022. Item 16.2 would give the WHO director-general the unilateral power to declare a health emergency or crisis in any member nation. The provision does not define a health emergency or crisis; instead, it gives the WHO the freedom to base it on a personal opinion that there could become a potential health threat.

If agreed upon by the WHO membership, the new proposal would bind the US to the new regulation under the force of international law.

Can Biden Do This Without a Treaty?

The rules of international law are complex, and US courts have not tested these matters. In 2014, President Barack Obama entered the US into a massive climate change agreement. These agreements are referred to as executive agreements and do not require the president to seek treaty ratification from the US Senate.

These agreements are binding, commit the US, and, if broken, come with consequences.

So, how could Biden enter the US into a deal that compromises the nation’s sovereignty without consent from Congress? Experts say the one way he might do it is to use an existing treaty or law that grants him the authority. As with all things, the devil is in the details.

At a minimum, Biden would be pushing the limits of executive powers granted to him in the US Constitution. If the WHO agrees and the US commits, it may take an act of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to overturn Biden’s executive agreement with the WHO, but at what cost?

Stay tuned. This could become a serious story in the coming days.

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