Biden Investigators Told Certain Questions Were Off Limits

( – The investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings has been ongoing for the past five years. Prosecutors are now finally starting to level charges. In June, Hunter Biden agreed to a plea deal involving firearm and tax-related charges. However, a whistleblower has come forward regarding the deal and alleges that along the way, federal agencies interfered in the probes, limiting the information agents could access.

IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward

Gary Shapley, a lead IRS supervisory agent in Operation Sportsman, the code name for the Hunter Biden investigation, spoke with Benny Johnson from Fox News about the probe and noted there were several topics that agents weren’t allowed to broach. For example, they couldn’t dig deeper into the identity of the infamous “big guy” noted in an email or “allowed to include certain names in document requests and search warrants.”

According to Shapley, he was prevented from taking certain steps that could’ve led to more discoveries about Joe Biden himself. However, during this time, former President Donald Trump was still in office, and his attorney general, William Barr, was the one who set the rules that might have tied Shapley’s hands.

The IRS agent also alleges that the Department of Justice had a hand in slowing down and obstructing the investigation, particularly after Joe Biden became the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He said there were “hindrances” that prevented them from following through on leads. Attorney General Merrick Garland denies these claims.

Shapley Discusses Hunter Biden’s Crimes

When asked about the crimes the younger Biden has been charged with, Shapley criticized the deal he received. In an interview with CBS News, the whistleblower said, “If this was any other person, they likely would have already served their sentence.”

He noted that during the course of the probe, he uncovered conduct, such as listing personal expenses as business expenses on his taxes, which were deserving of more serious charges. These, according to Shapley, included payments to prostitutes and memberships to adult clubs, among others. He was $2.2 million in arrears on unpaid taxes from 2014 to 2019, a sum that was paid off. However, the deal, if a judge signs off on it, could mean no jail time.

Shapley also alleges that the US Attorney involved in the case, David Weiss, was prevented from bringing heftier charges when higher-ups refused to grant him special counsel status. Garland, however, in a statement, said Weiss “was given complete authority to make all decisions on his own.”

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