Biden in Trouble After His Top Advisor Was Caught on a Hot Mic

Biden in Trouble After His Top Advisor Was Caught on a Hot Mic

Biden SCANDAL – “Hot Mic” Catches A Top Official!

( – On March 3, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the launch of Task Force KleptoCapture to target Russian elites supporting President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The operation includes freezing and seizing the assets of several Russian oligarchs. President Joe Biden is receiving heat after his top security advisor’s recent comments about it on a hot mic.

The National Pulse recently reported that a hot microphone captured Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan talking to Richard Fontaine, the Center for a New American Security CEO, before a June 16 event. Sullivan brought up the recent seizure of a superyacht owned by Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov.

Sullivan said the “craziest thing” about the seizure of Russian superyachts was the fact the federal government has to “pay for [the] upkeep” on them because of a “forfeiture rubric,” or set of rules.

Sullivan’s reference to a forfeiture rubric likely refers to the Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture Policy Manual, which requires the US Marshal Service to manage the storage and maintenance of assets to maintain their current condition and value under federal civil forfeiture laws.

It remains unclear how long it could take to complete the forfeiture process, but it typically takes years. However, the government does have the option to file an application with the court for an “interlocutory sale.”

If the court grants one, they can sell Kerimov’s yacht and put the money into an escrow account pending final disposition by the court. If the government wins, they can seize the money. Inversely, if they lose, Kerimov gets it. Either way, American taxpayers wouldn’t be stuck with ongoing maintenance costs.

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