Biden Ignores Diplomatic Failures, Tries to Rally Allies During UN Speech

Biden Ignores Diplomatic Failures, Tries to Rally Allies During UN Speech

( – On Tuesday, September 21, President Joe Biden stood behind the podium at the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as US president. The agenda was simple: communicate strength and declare that America is back. The question is, after the blunders of the last several months, does Biden have the credibility to rise to the occasion on the international scene?

How bad is it? Biden oversaw a meltdown in Afghanistan as the Taliban seized control of the war-torn nation. In the wake of the US blunder, the president pushed ahead as the United Kingdom pleaded with him not to throw away the coalition’s gains. Biden outraged France, and the UN Secretary-General suggested that Biden avoid a cold war with China without offering a word to the communist nation. In his UN speech on Tuesday, the US president all but ignored his diplomatic failures and spoke as if he enjoyed credibility with the international community.

Biden Shows Spine, But Is It Strong Enough?

Biden told world leaders the United States intends to lead during the greatest time of challenges in recent world history. He called the moment one of great pain filled with tremendous opportunity. That’s despite all of the turmoil the president is wreaking on several foreign affairs fronts.

On Afghanistan, the president said it was time to end “20 years of conflict.” However, as bad as Afghanistan looked in America as Biden and the administration pulled out and stranded Americans, Biden’s action was even worse for America’s allies.

As the Taliban seized control of the country, Biden allegedly ignored UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 36 hours. Great Britain is supposed to be America’s greatest friend on the world stage. Once on the phone, Johnson pleaded with Biden not to “throw away the gains made in Afghanistan.” British politicians called Biden’s withdrawal and lack of communication “shameful.”

Barely touching on Afghanistan in the speech, Biden said the US and her allies need to turn the page to more critical threats coming from China. Last week, Biden’s lack of communication and transparency got him in hot water with France and the European Union. The US president cut a deal to provide US submarine technology to Australia while cutting France out of the communications. That’s important because Australia turned around and canceled a multi-billion contract with France to supply submarines to combat China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

The deal infuriated France so profoundly the country recalled its ambassador from the US and threatened to blow up a major EU trade deal with Australia. On Monday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the situation with the US a “crisis of trust.”

Finally, Biden’s recent rhetoric over China’s military combined with the Australia deal is causing concern at the United Nations. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he intends to repair the relationship between the US and China caused by Biden’s rhetoric and actions. The Secretary-General said it’s crucial the US (notice he didn’t call out China) avoid a cold war. Biden’s UN speech response was simple: he agrees. The question is, how will his words match his rhetoric? Will it be more of the “I want to unify” the world while undermining it as he has with domestic politics since January 20?

While Biden says he wants to build a better future, his words and actions could cause an opposite effect. He says he wants to rebuild relationships with allies as he tears them down.

Is the world listening to the US president? World leaders might be paying as much attention to Biden as he is to them.

Let’s hope this disaster ends soon and the president wakes up. Biden may believe America is back, but the international community doesn’t seem so sure.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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