Biden Hires a Pro-CCP Official

Biden Hires a Pro-CCP Official

Biden Just HIRED A Pro-China Official

( – President Joe Biden’s State Department is hiring a new legal advisor. Among many controversial employments by the current administration, this is one of the most baffling. Right now, China is threatening military action because the House Speaker visited Taiwan — so why hire a notoriously pro-China activist?

On August 1, State Department sources told the Washington Free Beacon that it plans to employ Jessica Lee, a Chinese-American activist at the George Soros-funded Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft (QI). She has been a constant critic of the US government’s policy towards China, claiming it’s hostile and “makes war more likely.”

In a video QI released last year, Lee insisted a “hostile” relationship with China will endanger Americans and cause economic conflict. Accusing the Biden administration of “over the top rhetoric” and “China-bashing,” Lee blames the US for raising the risk of confrontation. This comes even as Taiwan, a pro-US democracy, faces constant intrusions by Chinese warplanes and its warships harass Filipino shipping in the South China Sea.

Lee, who is Chinese-American, also claimed US foreign policy is promoting discrimination and violence against Asian-Americans. Previously, she’s urged the administration to cooperate with North Korea’s repressive dictatorship and said the Stalinist state’s illegal nuclear weapons program “makes sense.”

The Quincy Institute has a depressing record of appeasing violent dictators. It is currently arguing for a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine — a course that would see territory surrendered to the Russian invaders. If the reports of Lee’s hiring are true, Quincy’s isolationist poison will be imported into the heart of the State Department. Should our government be employing apologists for our competitors and enemies?

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