Biden Hints at GOP Running Mate

Biden Hints at GOP Running Mate

Many mainstream Dems are worried that their presidential candidates have swerved too far to the left to appeal to American voters. With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the lead among Democrat activists, most of the other hopefuls seem to be trying to be more socialist than Bernie in an attempt to grab the left-wing base. Joe Biden has a different idea — but a lot of Democrats are going to say he’s gone too far in the other direction.


Talking to Democrat activists at a party event in New Hampshire on Monday, former Vice President Joe Biden surprised his audience when he said he’d like to run on a bipartisan ticket this November.

  • While Biden spoke to Exeter, NH Democrats, one party member told him that her son was curious if he would consider asking a Republican to join his ticket.
  • Probably much to her surprise, Biden said yes — with qualifications. “The answer is, I would, but I can’t think of one now,” he said. He continued, saying there are “some really decent Republicans that are out there still,” but cautioned, “they’ve got to step up.”
  • Biden is making the theme of reuniting the country a central plank of his campaign. He said

“I refuse to accept the proposition that we’ll be in a state of perpetual war with Republicans because you can’t govern the country if that’s the case. We are a democracy, and our democracy depends upon consensus. We have to be able to pull the country together.”

  • This could be a winning idea for Biden with the actual electorate, but it’s not likely to go down well with Democrat activists. A big chunk of the party seems to like being at perpetual war with the GOP, and can’t see how unpopular this is with the vital moderate swing voters who’ll decide the election.
  • While the idea of Biden picking a Republican to run with him is provocative, it’s not clear how serious he really is. So far he’s avoided giving any clues as to who he might pick, claiming it would be “presumptuous” to talk about running mates at this stage.
  • Biden has also hinted at going for diversity appeal, saying that there are a lot of qualified women and African-Americans.
  • Even if he does get the nomination and decides to reach out to the GOP, there’s no guarantee his own party would let it happen. Parties don’t tend to like bipartisan tickets. John McCain wanted Joe Lieberman as his VP candidate in 2008, but in the end, internal pressure gave the slot to Sarah Palin.

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